Scalpatron VGP


          Scalpatron VGP is a novel active ingredient specially developed for protecting scalp mildly and relieving scalp itching, which extracted from 3 natural plants: Vitex trifolia, Gentiana scabra, Polygonum multiflorum. Their extracts exhibit potent efficacy of inhibiting secretion of Inflammation mediators, protect scalp from lipid peroxide’s irritation and solve scalp itching issue originally.

名称 INCI Name:

Dipropylene Glycol, Water, Polysorbate 20, Vitex trifolia Fruit Extract, Gentiana scabra Extract, Polygonum multiflorum Root Extract

介绍 Features and benefits:

• Inhibits the synthesis of related inflammation mediator, and relieves scalp itching effectively;

• Exhibits strong anti-oxidation ability, scavenges free radical and inhibits lipid peroxidation effectively.

应用 (2) Applications:

Used in all types of hair care products;

Water soluble. Suitable for shampoo, conditioner, hair tonic, hair dye, hair essence, hair mask, etc.

介绍 Recommended use level:

0.5 - 3.0%.

数据 Efficacy Data: